Life Systems Tick Remover Card

Weighs 6g
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Life Systems Tick Card Remover fits in your wallet and provides two removal tools and a three times magnifier so you can see the little mite before you encourage it off your body.

Life Systems says:

Ticks are relatively common to come across, particularly if you're adventuring in a warm and humid climate. If you have a tick, you need to remove it promptly and remove all parts of its body. This credit card sized tick remover will fit easily in your wallet, and features a magnifying lens, and two different sized removal tools for different sized ticks.

Squeezing, twisting or in any way stressing a tick greatly increases the risk of it injecting harmful agents into the bloodstream of its host. Developed in conjunction with scientists and doctors specialising in insect-bourne disease, the Life Systems Tick Remover Card enables ticks to be removed safely and quickly without force.

Tick Borne Disease:

A small red itchy patch is a normal body-reaction to a tick bite but symptoms can be more severe. Serious tick borne diseases include Lyme disease (lyme borreliosis) which is increasingly common throughout Europe and America. Symton patterns vary from person to person. Early indications in the days after the bite can include flu like symptoms, a rash, headache, muscle pain, tender glands and sensitivity to temperature, sound and light. seek medical advise promptly if you are concerned or experience any of the above symptoms after a bite.

Life Systems tick remover card comprises two sizes of tick remover, they are basically a pair of jaws which can be slid between the tick body and your skin so that you can ease the tick away from the skin allowing the tick to let go of the skin with ease.

This is important because if you aren't careful with tick removal you can leave bits of body in the wound that could result in more serious infection! Not pleasant.

It has a few other functions, such as removal of bee stings should the need arise, but its key attribute is its size and ability to store with your credit cards so that its always available.

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  • Fits into your wallet
  • Includes 3 x magnifying lens
  • Two removal tools, for small and large ticks
  • Removes Ticks, Bee Stings, Splinters and Thorns
  • Weighs 6g
  • Credit card size; 85x54mm
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