Helinox is the world's leader in the development and production of outdoor equipment. We innovate, and our competition follows. Helinox innovation starts with the input from the most adventurous of adventurers, refined by the most experienced engineers in the industry. Our mission is to develop the very best in strong, functional, and lightweight outdoor gear. It’s also our passion.

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57 Items
  • Ground Chair
  • Chair One
  • Cup Holder New
  • Speed Stool New
    Weighs 414g (excluding bag)
  • Chair Groundsheet
  • Vibram Ball Feet 45mm New
    Weighs 222g (excluding bag)
  • Reversible Seat Warmer for Chair Two New
  • 55mm Chair Ball Feet
    Weighs 296g (complete set)
  • Chair Anchor New
  • Reversible Seat Warmer for C0/C1/C1L/Concert/Swivel/Ground Chair New
  • Sling New
    Weighs 300g
  • Lite Cot
    Weighs 1224g
  • Air + Foam Headrest
    Weighs 170g (excluding bag)
  • 45mm Chair Ball Feet
    Weighs 248g (complete set)
  • Shoulder Strap & Pouch New
  • Reversible Seat Warmer for Sunset/Beach Chair New
  • Table One Hard Top
    Weighs 866g (excluding bag)
  • Chair Two
    Weighs 1080g (excluding bag)
  • Cot Max Convertible
    Weighs 2882g (excluding bag)
  • Summer Kit - For use with Sunset & Beach Chair
  • Passport TL Trekking Poles
  • Passport TLA130 Trekking Poles
  • Beach Chair
    Weighs 1398g (excluding bag)
  • Ridgeline LB135 Trekking Poles Sale