Exped DownMat 9M with integrated Pump Regular Sleeping Mat

R-Value: 1.41 / Dimensions: 183 x 52 x 7cm / Packed Size: 23 x 16cm
Weighs 980g
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DownMat Pump - much more warmth and comfort, and much less bulk! (internationally patented) Exped DonwnMats: super comfortable infinitely warmer and more compact than any other comparable mat of similar weight. Since down compresses so well Downmats also packs very small. The integrated pump makes inflation easy.  

Heat loss is dramatically reduced with down insulation inside the mat as demonstrated by EMPA (the Swiss Federal Labaratories for Materials Testing) and Research and field tests by expeditions. The thick cushion of air also provides comfort and smooths out uneven ground. And as down compresses extremely well Downmats packs smaller than other insulated mats.  

The integrated pump ensures swift and intuitive inflation of the mat. Use both hands to inflate the mat within a minute. The flat deflation valve with one way flap is quick and effective. Welded baffles between the down filled chambers unlike traditional airmats eliminate cold spots and create a comfortably supportive and stable air cushion.

You can`t argue with the facts - the Exped Downmats are seriously warm and as they are essentially airbeds they are very comofrtable as well. If you sleep cold or want a mat that can be used in cold weather then the Downmat could be a good choice. 

We are impressed by the quality of construction and sheer attention to detail given to Exped products. The integral pump works well and the mat is inflated in about a minute. There is a return valve that allows air back to fill the pump chamber (as the pump chamber is located in one of the baffles this is necessary to have a completely inflated mat).  

The valves are large and easy to use. Comes complete with stuffsack and repair kit.   

We've tabled the various models of Exped mats below, so you can make a high level comparison. A few pointers though;

  • Synmats are filled with Synthetic insulation, whereas Downmats are filled with Down.
  • The numbers 5,7,9 refer to the thickness of the mat in cm - the thicker the mat the more comfortable it will be, especially for side sleepers.
  • Mats with UL (Ultralight), Lite etc in the title are designed to be lightweight and will therefore use lightweight face fabrics - the standard Downmat 7 and 9 use heavier, more robust fabrics.


Model (Medium i.e. Regular size used for reference).WeightR-ValueInsulationFormatPricepointThickness
Synmat Hyperlite344g 0.583 SeasonMummyCheapest 7cm
Synmat Winterlite408g 0.863-4 SeasonMummyMid Price 9cm
Synmat 7 UL (Ultralight)460g 0.553 SeasonRectangleMid Price 7cm
Downmat 7 UL (Ultralight)565g 1.044 SeasonRectangleHigher Price 7cm
Downmat Lite 5610g 0.863-4 SeasonRectangleMid Price 5cm
Synmat 9 UL (Ultralight)620g 1.064 SeasonRectangleMid Price 9cm
Downmat 9 UL (Ultralight)720g 1.414 SeasonRectangleHigher Price 9cm
Downmat 7880g 1.044 SeasonRectangleHigher Price 7cm
Downmat 9980g 1.414 SeasonRectangleHigher Price 9cm
  • Both low profile valves (pat. pend) one for inflation and the other for deflation ensure ease of use
  • As the valves are flat and not on the mat‘s edge they do not protrude and are therefore protected and durable
  • Light foam blocks at the mat‘s ends prevent down from escaping or migrating between chambers
  • Laminated polyester fabric is both durable airtight and humidity resistant
  • The shell‘s top surface is of brushed polyester fabric that provides excellent slip resistance and comfort next to the skin
  • Dark colors dry quickly
  • The seams are high frequency welded for durability.
  • Two loops at the head end can be used to secure the packsack to the mat when used as a pillow.
  • Light and warm: The DownMat 7 Pump has a R-Value of 5.9. At about the same weight a standard 2.5 cm selfinflating mat only has a R-Value of 2.5
  • Further EMPA tests demonstrated that regular mats lose 3x more heat to cold ground than to the air
  • The conclusion: use a lighter weight sleeping bag with a DownMat to achieve consistent overall comfort and still reduce weight and bulk!
  • Exped only uses IDFL-certified goose down specially treated to eliminate the effects of humidity that may reach the mat‘s interior


|Internal Insulation - The down insulation in Expeds Downmat range fills the air inside the tubes to create a mat with an exceptional insulation value.
|Oversized side tubes - The side tubes of a downmat are slightly oversize so that the user is cradled in the mat making it less likely that they will roll off.


WARRANTY|This product comes with a 5 year warranty for materials and construction. For more details see Exped website.
  • Size: 183x52x9 cm
  • Weight: 980 g
  • Packsack 17 g
  • Packed: 24x16 cm
  • Fill Weight**: 250 g
  • Temperature: -38°C
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