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Crux AX 45 Rucksack Product Review 28/09/2016

Crux AX 45 – A Light, Close Fitting & Clutter Free Pack!

The AX 45 is constructed from very durable Dyneema ripstop Cordura fabric and the back system is a firmly stiffened design. There is less padding on the shoulder straps and hipbelt than on other packs, and the back panel is stiffer than those of rivals. This spells more stability with heavier loads, but less comfort with lighter loads. It features a single main compartment with a fixed lid and snow-lock extension. The lid pocket is a good size, ideal for maps or guidebooks but there are neither hipbelt pockets nor... Read More

Force Ten Alpine 25 Product Review 27/09/2016

Force Ten Alpine 25 Rucksack – Clutter Free Design!

If you want a durable, clutter free pack, particularly for scrambling and climbing, then this is great. It’s constructed from tough 500 denier Cordura nylon that is waterproof and has taped seams. The back system is stiffened and padded but you don’t get the airflow of other packs, however it won’t soak up water and feel as cold on the back as some. You get one external pocket, a lid pocket and the main opening is a zip rather than a buckle-lid design. No wand pockets are provided either, which... Read More

Ortlieb Duffle RS 85L Product Review 27/09/2016

Ortlieb Duffle RS 85L – Highly Durable & Portable!

You have to pay a higher price for it but this duffle bag does everything. It has wheels to help hoist it around, grab handles, shoulder straps that double as rucksack straps and an adjustable grip to hold – rather than an extending handle. The fabric is very durable and waterproof and the zip is coated to keep water out. It’s also lockable! Inside there’s a zipped pouch that also holds things down. There’s even a zipped pocket on the outside. At 3.05kg it’s not the lightest duffle, but, for... Read More

Scrubba Wash Bag Product Review 27/09/2016

Scrubba Wash Bag – Gadget Of The Month!

The Scrubba Wash Bag is a dry bag with an integrated washboard that allows you to properly clean your clothes anywhere, allowing you to bring less clothes on a trek or expedition. This ‘miniature washing machine’ is easy to use; simply put your clothes inside with soap and water, close using the roll top then release excess air with built in valve, and press down and rub the clothes against the washboard for up to three minutes. When you’re finished, replace the water with fresh water to rinse and you’re... Read More

Nordisk Halland 2 LW Tent Product Review 13/06/2016

Nordisk Halland 2 LW Tent – Incredibly Spacious Inner & Porch!

Nordisk’s Halland 2 LW weighs 1507g which is respectable for a tent with a porch and inner of this size. Sure it’s not the lightest 2 person tent available but for a roomy tent with good features its perfectly acceptable. The large porch offers plenty of room for stashing two sets of wet gear. The only niggle is that the main entrance zip is on the side rather than at the front which can be a little irritating when getting in and out if your porch is full. The tent... Read More

Mountain Hardwear Lamina Z Flame Sleeping Bag Product Review 13/06/2016

Mountain Hardwear Lamina Z Flame Sleeping Bag – Light & Spacious!

The weight of Mountain Hardwear’s Lamina Z Flame sleeping bag is very good for a synthetic bag and the pack size is also pretty impressive. The temperature rating of the bag goes down to -6 deg C which is great for general camping. The bag is 205cm long with a shoulder width of 85cm which makes it comfortably roomy, although some may prefer the hood to fit a little closer. There are lower priced bags available but the weight and extra features make this a worthwhile extra cash outlay for... Read More

Sea to Summit Comfort Plus Insulated Mat Product Review 25/05/2016

Sea to Summit Comfort Plus Insulated Mat – Adjustable Comfort!

The Comfort Plus Insulated Mat offers unique double cushioning, with the top and bottom layer inflating separately. This does mean more weight and inevitably more puffing, but it gives you greater insulation and adaptability: inflate the bottom layer fully to keep your body off the ground and the upper one depending on the firmness you want. It also offers some puncture protection, as you’ll still have one active layer if the other bursts. Overall it’s a little weighty but it’s warm, comfy and compact. Review taken from Trail Magazine June... Read More

Force Ten Alpine 35 Product Review 30/03/2016

Force Ten Alpine 35 – Stripped Down, Super Lightweight Pack!

If your after a compact, lightweight rucksack without all the extra thrills then the Alpine 35 would be ideal for you. It’s designed for climbers who will use the daisy chains to add a rope, ice axe, crampons and helmet. But it also works for walkers who don’t need all the luxuries of the mainstream market but do want the lightness and resilience. The zips are covered in waterproof tape and the seams are taped internally for extra waterproof protection. This stripped-down, super lightweight pack is perfect for those who... Read More

Wild Country Hoolie 2 Product Review 29/03/2016

Wild Country Hoolie 2 Tent – Wanderlust Value Buy!

The Hoolie 2 is a good size and weight for the price but you can get a much lighter tent with more room for a little more money. It’s easy to pitch as the inner comes ready clipped to the outer and it has two identical poles to slide into the sleeves for extra stability. The pegs are good as their light but also nice and chunky with a good grip in the ground. It features a decent size porch which can fit two packs while leaving enough space for... Read More

Montane Ultra Tour 22 Product Review 15/03/2016

Montane Ultra Tour 22 – TGO Recommended!

The Ultra Tour 22 is designed for mountain races but is an excellent pack for hill walking too. The semi-stiff back is quite supportive and the wide, thinly padded shoulder straps and hipbelt are fine with light loads. The ribbed foam back panels have large air gaps to allow for ventilation. The pack also features a roll top closure with buckles and seven stretchy pockets which can hold a surprising amount of gear. Overall the fabric feels quite tough, the weight is low and the price is pretty reasonable. Review... Read More