Tarp Accessories

No tarps come with poles nad most don't come with guylines - you'll find those items here.
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10 Items
  • Anti Frost Nylon Slider
  • Aluminium Peanut Slider
  • Aluminium Triangular Slider
  • Guyline Pockets
    Weighs 12g (complete set)
  • Dyneema 2.0mm Guy Rope %5B15m%5D
  • Nylon 2.5mm Guy Rope %5B15m%5D
  • Backpacking Tarp Pole
    Weighs 204g (excluding bag)
  • Tarp Pole 150cm New
  • High Tenacity 5.0mm Guy Rope %5B20m%5D
  • Alu Tarp Poles
    Weighs 476g (per pair)
    From £39.99
Pegs, poles, guy ropes and sliders. Plus other accessories.